Business Analysis with a twist

The fast pacing world around us has changed the organizations’ approach to product and service development. Discovering the true value, putting the customer first, understanding his latent needs and co-creating value with him, all that has become a necessity to stay ahead of the competition.¬† Business Analysis practices contribute to achieving better business outcomes. When supported with Design Thinking, Business Analysis becomes an instrument allowing us to come up with brilliant, unusual ideas, prototype them quickly and evaluate whether the ideas, candidate solutions, can satisfactory address the true customer needs.

Business Analysis (BA) skills, tools and techniques are not any more the domain of a Business Analyst. An agile team does not recognize this role. All agile team members, starting with a Product Owner and ending with a Development Team Member need some degree of BA skills to be able to define and produce a working, tested increment of a product.

At BA Coach, we help your agile team to strengthen its BA skills and apply them in the agile context. We go even beyond that. We enrich these practices with Design Thinking. Design Thinking (DT) is a problem-solving approach that leads to solutions at the intersection of user needs, technical feasibility and business requirements. It originated in the design world DT and takes advantage of the human-centricity, systems thinking and visual communication.