1 March 2017

Lean Thinking for Business Analysis

Lean thinking Lean thinking comes from Toyota Systems. It is defined as elimination of all non-value-added activities, also called waste. […]
2 April 2017

Innovation in my organization? No, thank you!

Q: Does your organization innovate? A: What do you mean by that? Over here, the innovation is seen as related […]
10 November 2017

Empathy in Business Analysis

This year the Design Thinking Conference in Amsterdam was about empathy, an element of the Design Thinking approach that starts it. […]
11 February 2018

Business analysis in agile

Agile methodologies have introduced a big shift in how teams approach business analysis activities. In this article I share my […]
4 March 2019

Overview of certifications for Business Analysts

Overview of certifications for Business Analysts This short video presents the most popular certifications for business analysts. If you are […]
6 April 2020

Business analysis activities in Agile environment

What are the typical business analysis activities performed by Agile teams? This is an visual representation of the business analysis […]