2 April 2017

Innovation in my organization? No, thank you!

Q: Does your organization innovate? A: What do you mean by that? Over here, the innovation is seen as related […]
6 April 2020

Business analysis activities in Agile environment

What are the typical business analysis activities performed by Agile teams? This is an visual representation of the business analysis […]
13 April 2020

ECBA Certificate explained

What is Entry Certificate in Business Analysis? The International Institute of Business Analysis offers the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis. […]
4 May 2020

What can a business analyst learn from a tester?

Testers provide evidence that the system under development is built conform to its requirements. Based on requirements, testers develop test […]
24 May 2020

CCBA Certificate explained

What is Certificate of Capability in Business Analysis™? The International Institute of Business Analysis™ offers the Certificate of Capability in Business […]
17 November 2020

Business value streams and capabilities

What do business value streams and capabilities mean to an agile team? Agile teams help their organizations to implement change […]