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This is a quiz about the IBM Rational DOORS. You took the self-study programme and learnt a lot about the tool. We present you with 12 questions that check your knowledge on what you learnt.

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What is the difference between DOORS project and DOORS module?


What shall you consider to set up properly before exporting your module to Excel?


Accidentaly you removed a colum with Priority information from the current view. Does this attribute have been deleted?


Is it a good practice to mix Object Text and Object Heading together in one object?


You opened a module containing system requirements. The current baseline of this module is current 1.2. You wanted to see the changes to requirements after baseline 1.1. Which baseline does contain these changes?


Periodically you want to check whether changes have been made to requirements you link to. Which function of DOORS will help you to spot these changes?


Is it necessary to baseline the DOORS module before its content is printed and distributed for a review?


Assume you created a module with the following structure:

You want to create a new section under the Non-Functional Requirements related to reliability issues. To do this, you already selected the chapter 2.2 Non-Functional Requirements. Which DOORS command will help you to create  this new section?


Where can you find information on how an attribute of an object changed?


The object attributes Created by and Last Modified by are examples of what attribute type?


How do you save the result of your query/filter?


What does the "Main column" mean in DOORS?

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