Welcome to the BCS Foundation in Business Change quiz!

By taking this quiz you are about to check your knowledge in the business change. This quiz is based on the BCS Foundation in Business Change Sample Paper v 1.4, which is available at the bcs.org website. If you pass this sample test, there is a great chance you will pass the real test. In real life you will get 40 questions and 60 minutes to answer them. In this quiz you are asked to answer 26 questions.

Are you ready? Good luck!

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1. Which of the following reasons best explains why it is strategically important to evaluate organisational capability?
2. Which of the following most closely represents the relationship that IT could have with business change initiatives?
3. ‘Business Strategy’ may be best described as the result of attempts at which one of the following alignments?
4. Which one of the following most accurately describes what is meant by the term ‘soft systems’?
5. Which one of the following is an example of an Enterprise Architecture Framework?
6. Raising ‘Barriers to Entry’ is a suitable response to which one of the following of Porter’s 5 forces?
7. In a SWOT analysis which one of the following represents the internal focus?
8. Which of the following provides the most complete definition of a stakeholder?
9. Which of the following ideally represents the role of technology in an IT-enabled enterprise?
10. A Business Actor must be able to:
11. Which of the following Stages in business change will not normally be included within the project lifecycle?
12. It is important to take a systemic view of business change because:
13. Which of the following roles has the responsibility for planning a business change project?
14. Which one of the following would not normally be considered to be part of the Business Analyst role?
15. Taking a ‘holistic’ view of business improvement means:
16. What is the terminology used to describe the process views that need to be mapped in a process redesign?
17. The Senior Responsible Owner/Project Owner (SRO/PO) is the individual responsible for ensuring that a project or programme of change meets its objectives and delivers the projected benefits.
Which of the following two managerial roles are accountable to the SRO/PO?
18. What is not an example of a risk arising from an IT-enabled business change?
19. IT-enabled business change is concerned with:
20. What is the primary role of a business sponsor in an IT-enabled change programme?
21. Businesses are motivated by different targets at different levels within the organisation. Which of the following best represents a top down sequential description of these motivations?
22. Which of the following is the most accurate description of ‘IT Governance’?
23. Where would you expect the change Sponsor to be located on a Power/Interest Grid?
24. Which one of the following combinations are all valid risk countermeasures?
a. Accept
b. Denial
c. Ignore
d. Insure
e. Transfer
f. Avoid

Thank you for completing this sample quiz based on the BCS Foundation in Business Change exam.

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