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Coursera: Client Needs and Software Requirements

White Papers

Certification possibilities for Business Analysts

This white paper explains the importance of certification and provides extensive information about three major certification schemes for Business Analysts from IIBA, IREB and BCS.


New! British Computer Society (BCS) Advanced Diploma in Business Analysis

During the European Business Analysis Conference in September 2015, the BCS officially launched a new certification programme for Business Analysts: the Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis. This article explains this new certification scheme.

The key to training success: coaching

This article explains how important is coaching to sustain learnings after training.


MOST analysis helps analyzing/clarifying what an organization/department wants to achieve and how it aims to achieve this. It can also help identifying strong and weak points of your organization/department during the strategic analysis. This technique can be used by Business Analysts during the feasibility study to assess where the organization stands. It helps framing questions, starting from the high-level mission of the organization and digging right down to the detail of individual tactics.

Presentations related to IIBA and Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABoK)

BABoK V3: What’s New?

This presentation explains what has changed in BABoK V3 in comparison with V2. The major chages in the BABoK Framework, Competencies and Techniques are indicated.

How to use BABoK?

Many organizations struggle with how to apply BABoK. This presentation explains how BABoK can be used in your organization.

Business Analysis Process Model

This handy framework helps you structuring the business analysis activities. In this infographic only the main steps are outlined without details of tasks within each activity. This model is described in the book “Business Analysis, 3rd edition“.

Business Analyst’s Holistic Approach to analyzing and improving business situations

This infographic explains four elements that each Business Analyst shall consider when analyzing and/or improving business situations.

Role of a Business Analyst

This infographic explains the role of the Business Analyst based on the BCS book “Business Analysis 3rd edition”.

BCS Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis – explained

This infographic explains the BCS Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis.

Backlog Refinement practices

This infographics collects the good practices on the Product Backlog Refinement.

Role of a Product Owner

This picture summarizes the responsibilities of the Product Owner

This short video promotes the workshop: "Problem Solving Skills for Business Analysts". Please watch this video in the full-screen mode by clicking the icon in the right lower corner.

Flyer: Problem Solving Skills for Business Analysts

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