Learn techniques to model, analyze and improve business processes

This course focuses on investigating, modeling, analyzing, and improving business processes. You learn about the hierarchy of business processes and practice how to apply business process modeling techniques for business process improvement.

This two-day BCS Modelling Business Processes course provides a qualification for business analysis professionals who wish to know how to deal with business processes on different enterprise levels, starting on the organizational level and ending on the work instruction level.


This workshop is relevant to anyone performing business process modeling activities or is interested in extending his competencies in this direction.


The context for business process modeling

This module explains why we model business processes. It also defines different concepts important to business process modeling. The hierarchy of business processes – enterprise, event-response, and actor-task levels – is introduced.

Modeling at the Enterprise level

This module explains the context diagram for business processes – an organization model. Students will build an organizational-level model for a given scenario to get more affinity with this technique. This module explains relationships between processes, including those at the same level and across hierarchy levels. We also discuss how the organizational model processes support the value proposition’s delivery.

Modeling at the Event-Response level

This module covers selected business process modeling techniques from UML,  explains the notation – actors, tasks, process flows, decisions, fork, join, etc. Finally, we explain the difference between internal performance measures and customer expectations of performance.

Modeling at the Actor-Task level

This module teaches how to identify tasks and construct a task description. We will document steps and business rules with a task with a UML activity diagram and in structured English.

Improving business processes

This module teaches how to identify problems with the AS-IS business processes and analyze the process flow, handoffs, and tasks. This module also focuses on staff performance issues and modeling the TO-BE business processes. We explain how to use business scenarios to identify combinations of conditions that the improved business process will need to handle.

Managing and implementing change

This module explains how the process of introduction of the new process can be facilitated within an organization.

Official EXIN Exam

At the end of the last training day, delegates will take an exam.


It is one one-hour, closed-book exam with 40 multiple-choice questions. Candidates are entitled to an additional 15 minutes if the examination is in a language that is not their native/official language.

The pass mark is 65%: 26 correct answers out of 40.

Positive exam results will award delegates the EXIN BCS Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes.

You can also take the exam without a course. You can purchase an exam voucher here.


BA Coach Exin

The course costs € 1849,00 (excluding 21% VAT) per person. This price includes training and study materials and exam costs.

The exam cost is included in the price.

Delegates will receive a binder with slides, additional hand-outs, and access to online sample exam questions.

Coffee/tea and lunch are included in the price of the training. If you have any dietary requirements due to food allergies, please don’t forget to mention them during your registration procedure.

Click the Register tab, select the date when you want to follow the course, and fill out the registration form. You will receive an invoice within a week after your registration is completed. Please assure the payment is settled within 30 days or before the start date of the training, at the latest.

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This course is available in the open-schedule format on the following dates:

-20 and 21 June 2024 in Eindhoven.

-30 and 31 July 2024 in Utrecht or Amsterdam.

-16 and 17 September 2024 in Nieuwegein.

-16 and 17 December 2024 in Nieuwegein.

This course is also available in the in-company format. If you want to know more, call us at +31 6 38 33 01 33 or send us an email at info@bacoach.nl

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In 2023-2024, our course Modeling Business Processes will be released as e-learning.

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If you doubt whether this course is suitable for your team/organization, do not hesitate to contact us. We can explain the details of different certification programs for business analysts and advise you on what can work for your team and your organization.

You can reach us at +31 6 38 33 01 33 or send us a message using the form below:

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During the course, delegates work with a scenario that covers all the aspects of the syllabus to practise the framework and its techniques.

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