EXIN exam coaching sessions

Are you preparing for an EXIN exam in Business Analysis ? Are you in doubt whether you truly understand the theory? Our coaching sessions help you with the last preparations for the exam.

Our coaches are experienced trainers and business analysis practitioners, who have already prepared many students for the EXIN exams in this field.

Exam coaching session

This exam coaching session helps you with any questions you might have with respect to the EXIN Business Analysis exams and exam questions. Also if you struggle with certain parts of the theory we can help and provide you with support to understand it.

  • Each session is 30 minutes long.
  • We use Zoom or Citrix video conferencing software for online sessions.
  • Busy during the working days, no problem. We can help you on Saturday or Sunday, or in the evening hours (*).
  • We will contact you within 48 hours to arrange your session.

Note: If requested, you can select an option to buy multiple coaching sessions at the check-out.

(*) Some restrictions may apply due to different time zones. BA Coach operates in CEST (UTC+2) time zone.

€10.50 (tax)
Total: €60.50