Business Analysis contributes to better business outcomes.

Checking practices in your organization against Lean principles will reveal waste they may contain and allow improvements and efficiency gains.

Business Analysis helps developing products and services that delight customers. Do you know how efficient is this process in your organisation? BA Coach created a simple, yet very effective business analysis process assessment that helps you determine the process’ strong and weak points. This method is based on Lean principles. It means it focuses on identifying all non-value-added activities (waste) and permanently eliminating them.  During the assessment we address the following areas:

– process, procedures and techniques,

– business analysis artifacts,

– tools,

– skills and competencies of the business analysis team, and

– organizational support.

Peter Drucker

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

Peter Drucker

How we work?

Process Assessment Calendar


Define assessment objectives. Identify participating projects and teams. Make a plan. Organize a kick-off to explain the assessment.
Process Assessment Collect Data

Collect Data

Perform desk research and interviews to collect qualitative and quantitative data on the execution of the business analysis process.
Process Assessment Analysis

Analyze Data

Structure the findings. Compare against the lean principles. Work with teams to draw conclusions and generate possible improvements.
Process Assessment Report Data

Share Findings

Share findings with the organization. Decide together on a possible improvements roadmap and create an improvement plan.

Lean principles for Business Analysis

Lean thinking can be applied to a business analysis process. Research from the Standish Group states that 60 percent of features implemented in products is never used. This is waste, isn’t it? A part of this waste lies in requirements. Why produce requirements for something that will never be used? Does this situation sound familiar? Check different forms of waste that could lie in your business analysis process.

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